Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do all of the appliances have to be in place when we come and template?

Appliances do not need to be in place, but know what appliance you are planning to in- stall or the model number is requested to help with the measuring. 


2. Do the base cabinets need to be empty for us to template and install the counter tops?

Base cabinets don’t need to be empty for the template, but the sink and cooktop area should be clear of all items for the install.


3. What is the turn around time from templating to install?

If all choices have been made at the time of template, the normal turn-around time to in- stall is 5-7 business days.


4. Do you have samples, that we can take home and compare?

Samples are available for most colors on sale, but we do not have a sample of every color we offer.


5. Do you also manufacture stone sinks and other items?

Sinks can be made from the same stone you purchase. The sinks are custom and extra time to design, fabricate and test.


6. In the showroom, you also have displays for hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs. How do I order those?

We work with several different contractors vendors. Please visit our showroom for a consultation.


7. If I need cabinets and glass shower stalls, who do I contact?

We work with several different contractors, but one shower company, Frameless by De- sign, is who we work with for our glass shower stalls. You can contact Alan Jones at


8. Can I download a brochure of all the accessories, in case some items are not listed on this website?

We would rather you come for a consultation, since our brochures are not available via digital copy.